We are one of the largest AQUA PARKS in the Oltenia area


Free for children up to 13 years, from 4 March to 26 April (1 child free for each accompanying adult with paid admission)

11:00 - 19:00
36,00 lei91,00 lei

Tisa spa resort

tisa aqua park

means fun for young and old!

Enjoy an unforgettable aquatic experience at Aqua Park TISA! Located in a picturesque area of Oltenia, our water park offers you an oasis of fun and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxing moments, we’ve got it all!

Aqua Park TISA Spa Resort is 450m from Hotel TISA and 290m from Aurora. Guests staying at these locations get a 20% discount on admission. Anyone can benefit from access, not just those staying at TISA.

We are one of the largest AQUA PARKS in the Oltenia area.

One of our strengths is the fresh water we offer in our pools. With a constant temperature of 32°Cfor the pools on the first floor (children’s pools, whirlpool, jacuzzi),31°Cfor the leisure pool on the ground floor and a temperature of30°C.C for swimming pool, we assure you that you will enjoy comfort and pleasure during your stay. the Aqua Park TISA. The outdoor pool has a variable temperature. Fresh water has no contraindications for health. For comfort and hygiene, the water is treated with special chlorine-based solutions.

tisa aqua park

Attractions inside:

swimming pool

Length 16 m
Width 7.5 m
Depth 1.40 m

3 children's pools

With depths of 30, 60, 90 centimetres, they are suitable for all ages!

slide slider

on which 3 people can launch at the same time, length 25 m


Open daily with drinks and snacks. On Saturdays and Sundays we also have a cookout.

leisure pool

Length 25 m
Width 7.50 m
Depth 1.20 m


2 slides with 1 m deep plunge pool for intense sensations

tube slide

tube slide, completely enclosed - length 35 m


More than 20 whirlpool functions (water cannons, jacuzzi, lazy river)

Attractions inside

The leisure pool has:

POOL for children:


tisa aqua park

Outdoor attractions:

Swimming pool



1. It is MANDATORY to comply with all requests from staff.
2. It is FORBIDDEN to enter in an intoxicated state.
3. It is MANDATORY to use the shower before using the pools, saunas, slides, or facilities within the complex.

4. Appropriate attire is mandatory – swimsuit/shorts/bathing shorts.
5. For your safety, wearing ANTIDERAPANTIC bathing shoes is MANDATORY throughout your stay in the complex. No running in wet areas! The floor is slippery and there is danger of injury!

6. Shouting, swearing, aggressive tone, physical and verbal violence are strictly FORBIDDEN.
7. SMOKING is strictly forbidden indoors.
8. It is MANDATORY to follow the instructions for use of all facilities (especially slides and pools), both those provided by the staff and those posted.

9. It is MANDATORY to use a towel when sitting on sun loungers or in dry saunas, both under the seat and, if necessary, under the feet.

10. Underage children must be supervised at all times by their parents or the adults in whose care they are. We are not responsible for the risk of injury to unattended children.

11. It is FORBIDDEN for non-swimmers to use slides/pools.

12. The use of saunas by people with neurological and/or cardiac conditions is PROHIBITED.
13. It is FORBIDDEN to enter the pools/saunas with a phone or camera/video.

14. It is FORBIDDEN to photograph/film other people without their consent.
15. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to leave the complex without handing in the wristband (individually) at the cash registers (failure to do so constitutes an OFFENCE).

16. Please watch your personal belongings carefully. We are not responsible for missing/lost items.

17. Clients have 15 minutes to familiarise themselves with the conditions offered by our centre. After more than 15 minutes from the entrance to the centre, the admission fee will not be refunded.

18. Children under 14 are not allowed in the fitness room. The use of appropriate fitness equipment is mandatory. 19. Children under 18 are not allowed in the Thermarium.
19. No outside food/drink is allowed.

20. Access with sharp objects is prohibited.
21. We guarantee a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius in leisure and children’s pools. A thermometer temperature check can be requested at any time at reception.
22. The customer understands and acknowledges that our establishment processes personal data of customers. GDPR procedures are posted at the main reception, please read them in detail.
23. Customers are obliged to comply with the internal rules.

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