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treatment base of the tisa hotel

Medical services and procedures in our treatment base

We invite you to take advantage of our services at the TISA Hotel treatment base. Regardless of insurance status, you can access our services based on availability of appointments and medical requirements. To ensure a medical consultation, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance.

During the consultation, the specialist will assess your condition. health and will recommend therapeutic procedures or specific treatment tailored to your needs and conditions. individual.

The costs of medical consultations and procedures will be discussed during the appointment and will have to be paid in advance. Prices may vary depending on the type and duration of procedures required. Before scheduling, please check and discuss with our staff about costs and financial details of our services.

Spring 7 water injections are a medical spa procedure involving the administration of mineral water from a specific spring known as Spring …

Aerosol therapy is a medical spa procedure that involves the administration of medication or therapeutic substances in the form of aerosols, which …

Crenotherapy with sulphurous mineral water cure at Baile Olanesti is a medical spa procedure specializing in the use of sulphurous mineral waters …

Kinesiotherapy is a medical spa procedure that uses exercise and therapeutic movement to treat and prevent various conditions and health problems. This …

Hydrokinetotherapy is a medical spa procedure that uses the principles of movement in water to facilitate the recovery and rehabilitation of patients. …

Therapeutic massage is a medical spa procedure involving the manual application of various manipulation and pressure techniques to the soft tissues of …

treatment base of the tisa hotel

Spa treatments provided by CNAS at the TISA Treatment Centre

The TISA Hotel’s treatment base has a contract with the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), which means that insured patients can benefit from spa treatments and therapies at our treatment base, with the costs covered by insurance.

Through this contract, we ensure that insured patients have access to quality medical services, offering spa treatments and personalised therapies for various conditions. You can schedule specialized medical consultations and benefit from therapies and therapeutic procedures recommended by your doctor.

Thanks to the contract with CNAS, insured patients can benefit from spa treatments at our TISA treatment base without bearing the full costs. This facilitates access to quality healthcare and helps promote the health and well-being of patients.

In order to benefit from these services, a referral from your family doctor or specialist doctor is required, depending on the condition being treated. Check eligibility and coverage of spa services by CNAS to avoid inconvenience or additional costs.

Our medical team and qualified staff at the TISA treatment base will provide you with expert assistance and guide you through the spa treatment process, ensuring that you benefit from high-quality services and regain your health and vitality.

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