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Booking/cancellation conditions

Booking/cancellation conditions

Thank you for choosing TISA locations!

Reservations can be made at the TISA reception, by email or by phone, subject to availability.
The rates charged by our company are displayed on the website, on site and can also be requested by phone or email.

The reservation is considered firm upon receipt of the booking confirmation and upon payment of a deposit proportional to the value of the package and the chosen period.
It is important that you inform us of any changes or cancellations to your reservation.
We guarantee the permanent validity of the reservation from the moment the proforma invoice is issued.
We reserve the right to cancel the reservation in case of non-payment of the deposit, but only with prior notice to the holder.

The advance and the rest of the payment can be paid by bank transfer to CEC Bank account RO62CECEVL0101RON0385986 or at the hotel reception.
In order to be able to identify and register the deposit or payments made, it is important to send us a photo with proof of payment by email, together with the booking details (name, period, type of package).

In the case of paying for your stay with holiday vouchers by courier, we mention the following: please specify the details of your reservation (name, period, type of package); we are not responsible for losses due to the delivery process.

The advance paid is not refundable. The advance payment can be rescheduled for another package only if cancellation is requested at least 7 days before arrival. The advance payment is forfeited in full if cancellation is requested within 1-6 days before arrival.

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