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Hotel Tisa *** is located in the centre of Baile Olanesti, at the bottom of Izvoarelor alley, surrounded by forest, a fresh and energizing scenery.

The hotel complies with the standards for tourist accommodation and spa treatment (rest or medical recovery) and is ISO certified.

Swimming pool

The wellness centre has a whirlpool and counter-current swimming. The pool has a temperature of approx. 30 degrees Celsius.

Treatment base

Crenotherapy and associated treatment procedures are prescribed by the specialist following an initial consultation in the doctor's office.


The location has a modern design and a varied menu, with two outdoor terraces. The capacity is 160 seats, plus two covered terraces and a lobby with 25 seats.


The gym is equipped with a treadmill, multi-purpose fitness machine, treadmills, free weights and specific accessories and you can use it for fitness.

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