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Gastro-digestive comfort

This type of pathology affects 25% of the population, mostly of the second age, including duodeno-gastric manifestations, cholecystopathies, pancreatic pathologies, hepatopathies and colopathies, mostly with chronic evolution, little influenced by diet and allopathic treatment.
The aim of the cure is to influence the pathogenic links of the diseases by balancing the vegetative nervous system and simultaneously to act in a corrective manner at the local level of the specific dysfunctions (hyper/hyposecretion, hyper/hypoperistalsis, tissue regeneration,
biliary drainage, etc.), through the direct effect of H2S and indirect effect of associated ions (bicarbonate, Ca, Mg) from the mineral waters of the resort, in doses, rhythm and quantity adapted to each condition.

Gastro-digestive disorders such as:
a. Bilio-duodenal dyskinesias, chronic non-erosive gastritis, gastric ulcer, operated stomach complaints
b. Chronic nonlitiazic cholecystitis, bladder dysmorphias and hypotonic dyskinesias, operated cholecystitis
c. Chronic pancreatitis
d. Hepatic steatosis, chronic hepatitis
e. Chronic colopathies

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Additional lies

The payment through CNAS is made on the basis of the health card and the referral from the family doctor / specialist doctor for Baile Olanesti resort.

Persons who do not provide proof of insurance through CNAS or who do not present these documents are obliged to pay, in order to benefit from the offer, an additional fee of 10% of the value of the package, otherwise they will not be insured or reimbursed for the treatment services purchased.

The 3 included procedures can be performed by the hotel’s balneologist to treat other conditions as well.

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