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Magnetotherapy is the use of magnetic fields for therapeutic and healing purposes. The Magnetic Dynamic Field (MDF) magnetotherapy procedure is one of the effective spa treatment methods, which uses pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate regeneration and healing processes in the body.

During the MDF magnetotherapy session, the patient is exposed to a pulsating magnetic field of controlled frequency and intensity. This magnetic field penetrates the body’s tissues, with beneficial effects on cells, blood vessels and the nervous system.

By using MDF magnetotherapy, multiple therapeutic benefits are achieved, including reducing pain and inflammation, stimulating blood and lymph circulation, accelerating the healing process of wounds and fractures, relaxing muscles and relieving stress and anxiety.

This procedure is non-invasive and painless and is suitable for treating a wide range of conditions such as musculoskeletal conditions, arthritis, sports injuries, circulatory and nerve problems, as well as improving general health and well-being.

MDF Magnetotherapy is a safe and effective therapeutic option that can be integrated into a personalised spa treatment programme, in collaboration with specialised medical staff, to achieve optimal healing and recovery results.

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TISA has a contract with CNAS

The TISA hotel treatment centre has a contract with the National Health Insurance House (CNAS). This means that insured patients can benefit from spa treatments and therapies at the treatment base, with the costs covered by insurance.

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