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Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is a medical spa procedure involving the manual application of various manipulation and pressure techniques to the soft tissues of the body, with the aim of relieving pain, relaxing muscles, improving blood and lymph circulation, reducing stress and promoting general well-being.

Through therapeutic massage, the therapist uses various techniques and movements such as friction, pressure, relief, rubbing or gentle stroking to work on tense or painful tissues and muscles. These techniques can be tailored according to the patient’s individual needs and preferences and therapeutic goals.

Therapeutic massage can be used to treat and manage conditions such as back pain, musculoskeletal conditions, muscle tension, migraines, anxiety, stress, insomnia and other health problems. By manipulating soft tissues, therapeutic massage helps to release muscle tension, improve joint flexibility and mobility, reduce inflammation and stimulate blood and lymph flow.

It is important that massage therapy is carried out by a specialist and qualified therapist who has knowledge and experience in the field. Before performing the massage, the therapist will assess the patient’s health and discuss any existing medical conditions or problems.

Therapeutic massage can be tailored and personalised to the individual needs and preferences of the patient. The duration of the massage session and its frequency may vary depending on the therapeutic purpose and the therapist’s recommendations. It is important to note that therapeutic massage does not replace proper medical treatment, but can be used as a complement to it to support the healing process and promote general well-being.

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TISA has a contract with CNAS

The TISA hotel treatment centre has a contract with the National Health Insurance House (CNAS). This means that insured patients can benefit from spa treatments and therapies at the treatment base, with the costs covered by insurance.

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