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Tisa spa & thermafium

Tisa Spa Resort

A lush retreat for mind and body. Experience a calm and relaxing atmosphere, elegant and sophisticated décor. Our high-quality services, including body treatments, massages, saunas and oriental rituals, will pamper your body and revitalize your mind. Let the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life dissolve into a space dedicated exclusively to relaxation and tranquility. Located in Aqua Park TISA.

Areas and facilities

Thermarium or sauna world – here you will find authentic and invigorating thermalism: numerous types of saunas as well as cooling elements, in a paradise of detoxification and longevity.

Massages and rituals

Our wide range of massages offer pampering for the skin, reducing body tension, relaxing muscles, body and facial treatments, offered in a variety of experiences.

Tisa spa & thermafium

Massages, rituals and therapies

Whether you want to pamper your skin, reduce body fat, relax your muscles, or enjoy a unique signature ritual, we have just what you need to benefit your health. You can choose from a variety of unique experiences, more than 30 types of massages and spa rituals, inspired by the Romanian phytotherapeutic tradition, but also by the oriental spa tradition. The spa is located in the Aqua Park TISA slope.

Tisa spa resort

Experience a sensory journey into the world of Thermalism

Here you can pamper and detoxify your body using a variety of unique thermal elements and rituals. A number of impressive attractions await to complete your experience:

Enjoy the comfort and relaxation offered by the Thermarium. Here you will get to know the world of saunas! You can use heated stone loungers to relax tense back muscles or specifically as a transit after a hot sauna session.

Aromasauna envelops you with its subtle aromas at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. The abachi wooden benches invite you to relax deeply, and the aroma released by the lavender sachets hanging on the walls adds an extra touch of freshness. For the bravest, a Finnish sauna at 85 degrees Celsius awaits.

For those who cannot tolerate high temperatures, Infrasauna offers a pleasant alternative. At a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, the abachi wooden benches invite you to relax and enjoy the benefits of infrared.

Tisa Spa Resort Awards

Tisa Spa Resort Awards

2023 SPA Romania Awards

Best DAY Spa & Wellness for the whole family – private business

2022 Galei de excelență în turism balnear și wellness a Romaniei


Visit our natural paradise and reconnect with yourself

In our saltworks, the Himalayan salt-coated walls and salt floor at Ocnele Mari create a saline atmosphere that is beneficial for inhalation. Enjoy a complimentary “salt shower” program and soak in a gentle shower of salt water for deep revitalization.

After an intense sauna session, quickly cool your body in the cold water tub, boosting the detoxification process. Experience the Finnish sauna, with Finnish spruce wood and abachi wood benches, to relax in an authentic environment.

Add a refreshing touch with the ice fountain and enjoy thrills and thrills in the emotional showers. Finally, relax and pamper yourself in the Turkish steam bath, where natural aromas and extracts will give you a special experience.

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