Massages and Therapies


Personalised facial treatment

190,00 lei240,00 lei

Regenerating ritual

250,00 lei470,00 lei

Relaxation massage

160,00 lei370,00 lei

Body exfoliation

80,00 lei

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Sapropelic mud treatment

170,00 lei330,00 lei

Calming ritual

250,00 lei470,00 lei

Turkish hamam ritual

250,00 lei470,00 lei

Moroccan hamam ritual

250,00 lei470,00 lei

Body contouring treatment with paraffin and chocolate

210,00 lei

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Back treatment

170,00 lei

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Deep massage

200,00 lei370,00 lei

Muscle toning

80,00 lei

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Tonic massage

170,00 lei310,00 lei

Contrasting massage

230,00 lei

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Therapeutic experience for face and body

250,00 lei

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Treatment with detoxifying effect

170,00 lei310,00 lei

Touching is a form of healing!

Whether you want to pamper your skin, reduce the tension built up in your body, relax your muscles, or want to enjoy a facial, we have exactly what you need to benefit your health. You can choose from a variety of experiences, over 30 types of massages and spa rituals, inspired by the Romanian phytotherapeutic tradition, but also by the oriental spa tradition.

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