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Tisa Spa Resort

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The spa awaits you with facilities such as a salt room, where you can breathe in the salty air that is good for your airways, and its Finnish sauna will give you an authentic and invigorating experience.

At the Thermarium, you will enjoy a special sensory journey into the world of thermalism, where you will discover an impressive variety of attractions and facilities designed to beautify and detoxify your body in a unique way.

The fantastic ice fountain is also not to be missed, where you can cool off and revive your senses. In addition, you will also find relaxation areas with jacuzzi and hammam, where you can unwind and enjoy a moment of calm.

All these attractions await you at TISA Spa in the Thermarium, offering you an extraordinary SPA experience that will pamper all your senses and bring you harmony and inner balance.

Located in Aqua Park TISA.


6 heated stone loungers, a special room for transitional relaxation after using a heated sauna.


For those who can’t stand high temperatures, the infrared sauna is 45 °C. Banks: abachi wood.


Among the Himalayan salt walls, in a sanctuary of health and relaxation, stretches the salt floor brought from Ocnele Mari, changed annually to maintain its therapeutic properties. You can experience the free saline shower programme, in which a gentle shower of salt water pours from the ceiling, ideal for beneficial mineral inhalation.


Benches: abachi wood, bucket over burning coals (water with essential oils and flavours). Herbal sachets hanging from the sauna walls for extra infusion of beneficial oils. Size 3 x 4 m.


Cold water pool at 18 degrees Celsius, used to cool the body quickly after sauna use and thus generating a powerful detoxifying process.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna, wrapped in spruce wood, vibrates at 85 degrees Celsius. You breathe in pure dry air, without aromas or steam. For a traditional experience, you can opt for the Russian banya ritual with birch brooms. On weekends, enjoy the free Aufguss show in the sauna. Size of the Finnish sauna: 6 x 5 metres.

Ice fountain

Enhance your sauna experience with a stop at the ice fountain – perfect for quickly cooling down your body after a fiery session and boosting the detoxification process through thermalism.

Emotional showers

Each shower is a unique experience, with alternating jets of hot and cold water stimulating all your senses. Lights and sounds take you on an emotional journey into a world of sensation and pleasure.

Turkish steam bath

A relaxing experience for the body, where naturally scented steam and herbal extracts create a delicate infusion for your senses. This space can be used as a prelude to hammam therapy or simply as a calm oasis to relax. The temperature here is 45 degrees Celsius.

Thermal stone beds

Thermal stone beds, located next to the bar, for relaxing your back after sauna or Turkish bath sessions. Natural design and high quality for deep and comforting relaxation in a pleasant and welcoming ambience.

VIP Jacuzzi

A private hot tub, offered for a fee, is the perfect place to spend time in an intimate and relaxing setting, ideal for groups of friends or a romantic getaway.


An authentic oriental experience, available at an additional cost. This ancient therapy combines hot steam, exfoliation and massage to release you from everyday stress and regenerate your body and mind.

Vitamin Bar

Enjoy a complete relaxation experience with our bar, where you can find a variety of soft drinks, coffee and non-alcoholic beer, as well as mineral-enriched water.

Kneipp Alley

An alley with stones with a pressotherapy effect and pools of cold or boiled water that stimulate peripheral circulation.

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