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Phototherapy: solux

Solux phototherapy is a medical spa procedure that uses a special source of intense light to treat various conditions and promote healing in the body. This therapy is based on the beneficial effects of light on tissues.

During the solux phototherapy session, the patient is exposed to a visible spectrum light source that emits an intense, focused light. This special light has therapeutic properties and can penetrate the treated tissues, helping to relieve symptoms and stimulate the healing process.

The light emitted by solux has a high penetrating power, with the ability to reach deep into the skin and underlying tissues. This allows the therapeutic benefits to extend to joints, muscles and other body structures.

Solux phototherapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as joint and muscle pain, inflammation, soft tissue injuries, rheumatism and other conditions associated with pain and discomfort. It can also help relax muscles, improve blood circulation and stimulate tissue healing.

The duration and frequency of solux phototherapy sessions will be determined by the spa specialist according to the condition being treated and the patient’s state of health. It is important that the procedure is performed under the supervision and recommendation of a qualified specialist, who will adjust the light parameters to achieve optimal therapeutic results.

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TISA has a contract with CNAS

The TISA hotel treatment centre has a contract with the National Health Insurance House (CNAS). This means that insured patients can benefit from spa treatments and therapies at the treatment base, with the costs covered by insurance.

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