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RESPIR OPTIM - spa treatment with sulphurous water aerosols.

This type of pathology is due to smoking, chronic respiratory disease and exposure to inhaled dusts or toxins and is usually followed and treated in chronic respiratory disease departments in nursing homes, outpatient clinics and hospitals. The major role of treatment is played by allopathic treatment and close follow-up of the disease evolution with specialized investigations.

The aim of the spa treatment is to provide a complement or an alternative to the specialist treatment, outside the periods of compensation of the chronic disease, in order to maintain the functional parameters of the respiratory system.

The unfortunate evolution of the COVID pandemic has greatly impaired the lung’s ability to efficiently perform gas exchange in more than 35% of affected patients and the lesions may persist for a long time, even after the viral infection has healed. In the last 2 years, respiratory rehabilitation measures have been instituted in this type of patients, even if they did not suffer from chronic lung disease prior to viral infection.

Respiratory conditions such as:


Bronchial asthma


Post-COVID Recovery

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The payment through CNAS is made on the basis of the health card and the referral from the family doctor / specialist doctor for Baile Olanesti resort.

Persons who do not provide proof of insurance through CNAS or who do not present these documents are obliged to pay, in order to benefit from the offer, an additional fee of 10% of the value of the package, otherwise they will not be insured or reimbursed for the treatment services purchased.

The 3 included procedures can be performed by the hotel’s balneologist to treat other conditions as well.

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