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Medical guidance in spa treatments

The spa treatments are designed under the guidance of the hotel’s medical specialist in accordance with the recommendations of the National Institute of Physical Medicine and Balneology Bucharest.

Your doctor will assess your condition. health and will recommend appropriate spa treatments. Costs will be discussed and paid in advance and will vary according to the type and duration of the spa treatment. Check and discuss with our staff prior to scheduling for financial details.

This type of pathology affects 25% of the population, mostly of the second age, including duodeno-gastric manifestations, cholecystopathies, pancreatic pathologies, hepatopathies and …

This type of pathology affects 30-35% of the population, mostly middle-aged, including lithiasis, infectious manifestations, reno-ureteral malformations, postoperative complications, renal failure of …

This type of pathology is increasingly influencing the adult population in the context of non-national nutrition (processed foods, refined fats, carbohydrate intake …

This type of pathology affects more than 20% of the population, regardless of the age group considered by medical studies. It can …

RESPIR OPTIM – spa treatment with sulphurous water aerosols. …
Wellness and treatment – spa cure for prevention or treatment …

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