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Diabetes no-stress

This type of pathology is increasingly influencing the adult population in the context of non-national nutrition (processed foods, refined fats, carbohydrate intake “masked” in food and carbonated drinks) evolving from childhood under the pressure of “consumerist” civilization.
It is desirable to be aware of the risk of dangerous intake of high-calorie foods, carbohydrates, alcohol, with encouragement of behavioural changes that induce this intake and concomitant correction of the current diet, encouragement of physical effort, acceptance of medication and monitoring of the evolution of the disease.

All types of diabetes are treated:
a. Chemical diabetes mellitus or glucose intolerance
b. Type I or II diabetes mellitus, balanced
c. Dyslipidaemia and obesity associated with diabetes mellitus

All the elements and factors of the spa treatment influence the blood sugar in significant proportions, the effect adding up. Most often the drop in blood glucose following treatment is 25-30% and requires a reduction in antidiabetic medication. The choice of diet and chemotherapy is made taking into account the concrete elements of the clinical examination and the biological balance at the time of arrival, giving priority to isotonic or hypotonic sulphurous sources.

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Additional lies

The payment through CNAS is made on the basis of the health card and the referral from the family doctor / specialist doctor for Baile Olanesti resort.

Persons who do not provide proof of insurance through CNAS or who do not present these documents are obliged to pay, in order to benefit from the offer, an additional fee of 10% of the value of the package, otherwise they will not be insured or reimbursed for the treatment services purchased.

The 3 included procedures can be performed by the hotel’s balneologist to treat other conditions as well.

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